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Not All Virtual Events Are Created EQUAL!

Gather your family, friends, and team members, and have a great time. KC Crew virtual experiences get everybody online in a fun way to play a game. Play a game of mystery and show off your detective skills that’ll put Sherlock to shame. Try your luck with a bingo game. Or amaze everyone by answering every question at the virtual trivia game.

Most companies and nonprofits we work with book our virtual experiences for team building, mental health, and fundraising activities. Their attendees say that our events are fun and engaging. 75% of the people who book our virtual experiences book us for a 2nd, sometimes 3rd time. And we’re proud to say that we’ve helped several nonprofits raise over $3,000!






Whether you’re “ into sports” or not, we have events for everyone! Our very unique 1-day events that we create and manage including Murder Mystery parties, the Downtown Open (urban golfing up and down Main St. using the streetcar as your golf cart), 0.5k Underachiever’s Run, Adult Field Day, End of the World Pub Crawl, Grilled Cheese Festival, Royals/Chiefs tailgates, Glow in the Dark Golf tournament, networking events, and more.
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If your company needs help planning virtual team building, activities or fundraisers KC Crew does that too!


We can host up to 1,000 participants BUT to keep the experience fun, engaging, and intimate we suggest not doing it in groups bigger than 100. If you have more than 100 that want to attend we can do multiple experiences at different times or back to back.

We handle everything! We create the registration link, zoom sign-ups, tech issues, questions, and more. Just book with us, send out the link, and start having fun!


6 rounds/games typically takes 1.5 hours. This can be shortened or extended with less or more games. Each participant will be emailed a digital Bingo card pack. Trivia is added for more fun. We encourage custom trivia questions as participants enjoy relative questions. We offer 3 to 6 gift cards for your winner’s prizes or you can provide different prizes.


5 rounds typically takes 1.5 hours. This can be shortened or extended with less or more games. Teams are made up of three to six players. Trivia questions can be customized for your event and this is encouraged as participants enjoy relative questions. We can offer 3 to 6 gift cards for your winner’s prizes or you can provide different prizes.


This experience typically takes 1 hour and allows for 100 participants. Teams are made of 4-6 players. Rounds can be chosen by you. Participants listen to song clips to determine the name of the song, the artist and/or fill in the missing lyrics. We can offer 4-6 gift cards for your winners or you can provide different prizes.


This experience typically takes 1.5 hours. Pick between different themes. A minimum of 20 participants is required and the maximum is 80 participants. Participants can choose their character when they register or we can assign as you wish. All instructions, roles, and information is sent to everyone.


We work with local and national artists ranging from painters, ceramics, spoken word, musicians, loop artists, and more to bring you their story, artistic process, and future work all from their home studios. Ask questions and interact directly with the artists. Great for private parties, fundraising and more!


We partner with 4 local distilleries to go over the whiskey distilling process and hear what their makes whiskey their own. This event needs a minimum of 12 attendees all located in Kansas City and will run for one hour. You will receive four 2oz whiskey samples from local KC distilleries and a whiskey glass!

Other virtual experiences include Esports tournaments, Santa visits, in-home scavenger hunts and more.



Had a blast – again! You’ll be our first phone call for our next event!

VP, Human Resources
Bardavon Health Innovation

KC Crew has done some amazing things during this Corona crisis. I appreciate yall keeping me (and many others) entertained with bingo/cornhole/murder mystery/trivia and I will continue to see you on Tuesday nights

Weekly Bingo Participant
Kansas City, MO

Thank you for such an awesome experience today. the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and it far exceeded my expectations

VP, Human Resources
Bardavon Health Innovation

Virtual bingo with KC Crew is on of the best things I have done during quarantine

Benefits Risk Consultant
HUB International


VP, Human Resources
Bardavon Health Innovation

I was so touched by the beauty of the presentations, each artist with heartfelt offerings of all kinds. I LOVED the mix of musician, sculptor, jeweler, poet, painter. Your patience with the technical issues was appreciated, that piece was vital. Thank you so much for putting this together

Ceramic Artist
Kansas City, MO

Is your team using Zoom to get together for happy hours, catch ups, etc? There’s a BETTER WAY. KC Crew brings you together for a virtual experience

Benefits Consultant
HUB International

Thank you for having me! It was the first live stream event I’ve played that I felt engaged with the community!

Performing Artist
Kansas City, MO