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KC Crew is happy to be Kansas City’s biggest and best adult social sports leagues. Whether you’re looking to stay active, have fun, meet new friends, or bond with the friends you already have, KC Crew has something for everyone! We offer a variety of sports and activities year-round at different skill levels and locations around the metro.

What's Included?






Thanks to Offkey for hosting and providing:

  • Pitcher and/or tower specials for league members
  • Sign on the door or on an easel when guests walk in letting them know there is a karaoke league in progress and they won’t be able to sing at the bar until it is over
  • A prize for the 1st place league winner
  • Song choices are updated every couple months but Offkey takes requests so if we send a list they can try to get them added.
  • Free $25 tab for league host/MC every week

How does a Karaoke League work?

  • Only team captains are allowed to reserve/requests songs. Captains have been invited to the google doc via their email.
    • Check songs to make sure someone else didn’t already pick your song
    • Don’t erase other peoples songs – There is a history so we will find you! 🙂
  • Only pick 3 songs per week(2 solos, 1 group), if you pick more than 3, your songs will be deleted and released to everyone.
  • Communicate with your team on what songs to choose and who wants what.
  • The same song cannot be done twice. If one team chooses I Will Always Love You for Week 1, you cant choose it for any other week.
  • Songs must be reserved by the noon the day of each match
  • You can change your song selections at any time during the season
  • The song reservation link will be set to Edit for Team Captains the Wednesday before leagues start at 7pm.
  • First come first serve and you can choose all your songs for the entire season if you want.
  • Each week you perform 3 songs per match against another team
  • Review the rules below for practicing, dressing up as your theme, voting, etc.
  • Is this league a Gimmicks league? Then costumes and props are encouraged!
  • Pay attention during performances and clap for everyone
  • Be a good sport. Sometimes your team will lose, even when you think you should win. It’s karaoke, not the World Cup.
  • If you have a concern about judging or anything, talk to Brad at the end of the night.
  • Request a song if you don’t like any of the available songs or just want a specific song.
  • It must fit the theme week and be listed in the OffKey system here: http://www.singoffkey.com/
  • We alternate each season between GIMMICKS(props & costumes) and NO GIMMICKS(alllll vocals baby) to give you a break from being so awesome
  • Respect the bar staff, your fellow competitors, and our host/MC. NO CONFETTI or other messy props that make it hard for the bar to clean up
  • Join the Karaoke Facebook Group because it’s awesome and a lot of the teams post pictures and videos.

Do you need a team?

Don’t have enough players to form a team? New in town or just can’t seem to find enough people to play? Free Agents can join a team, pay and when the team fills, you’re in! If it doesn’t fill we will ask you to move to another team that needs you or we will refund your money. There’s 3 ways to be a free agent

  1. Sign up to Be a Free Agent and wait for a team captain to draft you. You are not guaranteed to be a free agent
  2. Join a team. You can go look for public teams, join, pay and you are on the team.
  3. Create your own Public team which means any free agent can join or you can go draft free agents to make your own team.

Do you need subs?

Are you looking for subs, tournaments or teams to join? Our Facebook groups have hundreds of locals looking to play and meet you plus it’s a great way to find out about tournaments around the metro.

Fun, Friends & KARAOKE

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