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New to KC Crew?!

New to Kansas City and wanting to meet new people or looking to try something new and fun with friends, family or colleagues?

There is no better way to spend time with friends or meet new people than doing something you love! Whether it’s sports or social events, KC Crew has over 10 years of experience making it happen for Kansas City.

What We Do At KC Crew

what are leagues?

A social activity between participants and/or teams, at a set time and location, with predetermined rules, recurring over 6 to 7 weeks ending in a championship or tournament!

We offer a variety of sports and activities year-round at different skill levels and locations around the metro giving you the freedom to choose when and where you play.

what are events?

An event is a pub crawl, 5k, cornhole tournament, tasting, tailgate or any other fun, social activity that typically happens on a specific day during a specific timeframe. 

Whether you’re “ into sports” or not, we have events for everyone! 

Some of our awesome events that we create and manage including Whiskey tastings, 0.5k Underachiever’s Run, Adult Field Day, End of the World Zombie Pub Crawls, Golf tournaments, Grilled Cheese Festivals, Royals/Chiefs tailgates, Glow in the Dark Golf tournaments, networking events, and more.

what is pickup?

Pickup is an activity that happens every week at the same time and location and you only pay when you can play. Can’t make it one week? No worries just show up the next. 

With a first and foremost goal to meet new people, KC Crew created Pickup KC to be one of the most unique networking events in KC. 

If you’re trying to get creative this year with meeting new people, or you simply love playing sports, join us at one of our weekly pickups.

how does a rental work?

Need some fun games for your next party or company outing? KC Crew has you covered! We can guarantee a good time by providing a multitude of leisure and tailgate game rental options! We also have equipment such as tables, tents and speakers available for rent as well!

Need help managing your tournament or event? We do that too!


Our goal here at KC Crew is to provide awesome sports leagues and events where all of our players and staff feel safe, accepted, and know they belong. For several years now, we have been working very hard as a company to educate ourselves and become more aware of gender roles. We currently offer non-gender specific leagues for almost every sport and are working very hard to bring more inclusive options for all!

How to Sign Up For Leagues

You and your friends or colleagues ready to sign up a team? 

We play 5 seasons per year with some sports available all year and outdoor leagues such as Softball, Kickball and Sand Volleyball only available in Spring, Summer, or Fall.

  1. Sign up the team and you are the captain.
  2. The captain invites teammates to join the team, sign the waiver and pay.
  3. Once all teammates are on the roster your team is good to play for the season
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  1. Go to our leagues page and sign up/sign in.
  2. Click “Leagues” in the navigation bar.
  3. Choose which league, location, and day of the week you want to register your team for.
  4. Scroll down and select Team Registration.
  5. Provide a Team Name and shirt color.
  6. Accept the league waiver and click the registration confirmation button at the bottom.
  7. Enter your billing info and payment method on the Payment screen to pay your player registration fee plus the team captain deposit. Payment is required to secure your spot in the league. 

Each teammate is required to sign up online as a teammate and submit their shirt size and league waiver.

The captain can send invites to players by entering their email addresses in the Send Invites section or send a team link.

Once a full team has registered and paid for your team, the team captain deposit will automatically be refunded. You have up until your first game to complete this, otherwise, your deposit will not be refunded.

The Team Deadline is the last chance to withdraw and guarantee you get your deposit refunded. This deadline is 2 Saturdays before your first game. If you stay in the league passed the Team Deadline, your deposit is not guaranteed. We would have to find a replacement team in order to refund your deposit, and you will need to fill the minimum roster by game time of Week 1.

Do you need a team?

Get Drafted or Join a Team

  1. Sign up to Be a Free Agent and wait for a team captain to draft you. As a Free Agent, there is no guarantee that you will be chosen for a team. Check your email frequently to stay updated on your status. 
  2. Join a team. You can go look for Public teams, join, pay and voilĂ , you are on the team!
  3. Have a few friends but not enough to fill your roster?
    Create a Public team that your friends can join and draft free agents or check out our Facebook groups to fill your roster!
  4. Don’t see a team you want to join? Sign up as a Free Agent and check your email frequently or check our Facebook Groups leading up to the season for info on additional teams seeking players!  

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