KC Crew Sports and Events



  • Time commitment: 1.5 hours for 6-8 rounds of bingo
    • This can be shortened or increased with less or more games
  • Up to 150 participants
    • Each participant will receive 1 Bingo card pack
    • Each pack includes 1 bingo card per round
  • Bingo cards emailed to participants with directions.
  • Trivia during Bingo for bonus squares (this can be customized)
  • Livestream managed through Zoom!
    • The link will be sent out with bingo cards
  • Prizes
    • We include a $10 Amazon gift card for each winner with our pricing.
  • Non-profit/Fundraiser
    • You can not charge individuals to play bingo. If you would like to use this event as a fundraiser, you can post a donation link on the registration page and during the event. You can also have someone from the non-profit speak during the event.


  • Time commitment: 1.5 hours for 5 rounds of trivia
    • This can be shortened or increased with less or more games
  • Up to 100 participants
  • Teams are made up of 3-8 players
  • We handle all of the registration and management.
  • We prepare the questions for each round. The categories change each round.
    • Example categories include general knowledge, music, movies and TV, 80’s, 90’s, sports, through the decades, etc.
  • Livestream managed through Zoom!
  • Prizes
    • We include 3-8 $10 Amazon gift cards for the people on the winning team.
  • Non-profit/Fundraiser
    • You can charge players individually or charge a team fee.
    • I recommend charging a minimum of $15 per player
    • You can add a donation link to the registration page and post it during the event.
    • You can have someone from the non-profit speak during the event.


Time commitment: 1 hour
Two Options for event layout

  • Option 1
    • Up to 250 participants
    • All participants will compete against each other to find out who knows the most!
    • Participants will guess the name of the song in the Zoom chat and we’ll choose a winner!
      • Each round, we will take a new winner. The first round will be the 1st person to answer correctly, the 2nd round will be the 2nd, 3rd will be the 3rd, and so on.
      • Songs will play until there is a winner
    • 5 rounds with a new genre each round
    • Prizes
      • We include a $5 Amazon gift card for each winner with our pricing.
  • Option 2
    • Up to 100 participants
    • Participants are split into teams of 4-6 players
    • We will prepare music trivia Q&A for each round and teams will answer those questions.
      • Each round will have a new genre and a different style of playing
        • Fill In The Blank Lyrics, Name The Artist, What’s The Title, etc.
    • We will award bonus points between each round by playing a song and the first person to answer will earn the point for their team.
      • Similar to Option 1
    • Prizes
      • We include 4-6 $10 Amazon gift cards for the people on the winning team at the end of the event.
  • Categories
    • You can choose from the following categories
      • Country Jams
      • Pop Hits
      • Today’s Hits
      • Early 2000’s
      • 90’s
      • 80’s
      • Oldies But Goodies
      • Disney Classics
  • Livestream managed through Zoom by our team!


  • Time commitment: 1.5 hours
  • Choose your theme
    • 1988 High School Reunion
    • Roaring 1920’s
    • Murder of a Millionaire
    • Wild WestHollywood
    • Disney Spinoff
    • Christmas
  • Minimum of 20 participants up to 80 participants
    • Must have both Male and Female characters.
  • We handle all of the registration and management.
    • Participants choose characters upon registration
    • All instructions, roles and information sent to participants
  • Livestream managed through Zoom!


  • Time commitment: 1 hour
  • Minimum of 12 attendees
  • We will work with 4 local distilleries to go over the whiskey distilling process and hear what their makes their whiskey their own.
    • Includes four 2oz whiskey samples from local KC distilleries and a whiskey glass per attendee
  • Must be located in Kansas City


  • Time commitment: 2 hours
  • Up to 300 participants
  • We will work with you to set up the artists
    • You can choose what style of art to showcase – visual art, music, spoken word, etc.
  • We will manage the event, your participants will just log on and enjoy the presentations.
  • We will feature 6 artists. Each artist will explain their work process and share stories about their work. Participants can ask questions and interact directly with the artists.
  • This event is in partnership with ArtsKC. ArtsKC is a local non-profit that promotes, supports, and advocates for the arts in Kansas City.
    • For more info about Arts KC, please contact Leslie Escareno at lescareno@artskc.org.
    • Visit artskc.org for more details.


Accordion Content
As long as the schedule allows, you can book an event at any time or day you’d like.
  • For the day, Thursday evenings are the most popular day for events. Wednesdays are a close second.
  • The ideal time for an event depends on the event itself. If you’d like to host an event for your work team, we recommend lunch (between 11am-1pm start) or happy hour (2pm-4pm start) times. If you’re hosting an evening event, we recommend starting no earlier than 6:00pm and no later than 8:00pm.
  • That depends on the event itself. Our event length options are 1 hour or 90-minutes.
  • All murder mystery parties are 90-minutes long.
  • If you’re hosting a bingo, we will play 4-6 rounds of bingo in 1 hour and 6-8 rounds of bingo in 90-minutes.
  • If you’re hosting a trivia, we will play 3 rounds of trivia in 1 hour and 5 rounds of trivia in 90-minutes.

Yes, of course! We will do a runthrough with any and all speakers about 15 minutes prior to your event beginning.

Yes! You will need to send any videos or slideshows to us ahead of time with details on when you’d like these to play so we can plan accordingly.

Yes! We can have speakers, show a slideshow or video as well. The link can be posted and discussed throughout the event also.

We would recommend either Bingo or Trivia for a group with introverts. Murder Mystery parties require a little more involvement from individuals to allow for the best experience.