Love playing sports but can’t commit every week? Join us for our pickups to play, meet others and stay active while having fun. If you are looking to play more, join one of our leagues in Downtown Kansas City, Overland Park and Surrounding Areas, Belton, and up in the Northland!


Looking to get back into the game and meet new people? Come play with us every other Friday at 630am. Free for networking professionals!

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Looking to get in shape and have fun while doing it? Join the Soccer Lot for their awesome pickups and get your workout doing something you enjoy.

Sand Volleyball

Starting back up April 2020!

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Facebook Groups

Are you looking for subs, tournaments or teams to join? Our Facebook groups have hundreds of locals looking to play and meet you plus it’s a great way to find out about tournaments around the metro.

League Photos

Our photographers are amazing! They come out to every league and get pictures of you and friends playing the sports you love. We post all these pictures for free on our Facebook page.

Have fun and Make money

Do you love people? We couldn’t do what we do without amazing umpires, refs, monitors, and staff. We are growing and always need more part-time people to help us with our leagues and events.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a league? Why do we charge per player? What’s a free agent? A sub? How do those work? Do we have to buy a shirt every time? How do rainouts and forfeits work? Get your answers NOW!