30% of Kansas Citians aged 25 thru 34 play with KC Crew!

In 2018, 15,000 adults participated in KC Crew leagues all over the metro!

Over 50,000 adults have played with KC Crew since we began in 2012! Thank you

If your company is looking for a great place to reach quality individuals then KC Crew is the place for you. In 7 years, KC Crew has grown from 1,000 participants in just Downtown Kansas City to 15,000 annual participants playing sports all over the metro and close to 4,000 event participants. Our participants like to be social, go to bars, attend events and have fun. Some of our opportunities include event or league sponsorships, digital advertising, email or text blasts, weekly league sponsorship, and team giveaway promotions. If you have questions about any of these email us at info@kccrew.com.

Weekly Bar Sponsor


  • Each season has a different amount of participants.
    • Winter (January thru March) – 1,000 average weekly participants
    • Spring (April thru June) – 3,000 average weekly participants
    • Summer (June thru August) – 4,000 average weekly participants
    • Fall (August thru October) – 3,000 average weekly participants
    • Holiday (November thru December)  – 500 average weekly participants
  • All participants are incentivized to go to your location all week to receive specials, check in to win a gift card and the winning teams will come to redeem their Double Bonus.
  • Your location will be promoted on Social Media as the bar of the week.
  • Your location will be listed on every league schedule.
  • Your logo will be on every page of our league website the entire week.
  • The entire league receives an email the Sunday of each week and your location will be promoted in that email in the subject line and the email.
  • In the past, several locations ran an audit during our week and other weeks and revenue increased almost $3,000 in sales during the KC Crew week.


  • Offer Specials for league players
    • These specials are defined by you but we find food and drink specials do the best as people typically will want to eat before or after their games.
    • Each season may have a beverage a sponsor(Tito’s, PBR, Bud Light, etc) and you would be required to run that sponsor on special during the week
  • Pick a giveaway item for the winning teams
    • Each night there will be a team that wins their games. Those teams will receive a digital coupon for an item of your choosing. Some places give a pitcher of beer or a free appetizer. This DOUBLE BONUS, as we call it, drives the entire team into your location to redeem their free item and while they are there they tend to buy drinks, shots and more.
    • This item can be defined by you but we find if you give enough away for the whole team, ex: nachos, then the team will purchase drinks.
    • Also, we recommend this item be a low cost as you will be giving away to each winning team for each sport each night.
  • Check-In – $100 Gift Card
    • Thru our Check-In App, teams will come to your location all week just to check in because the team that checks in the most will win a $100 gift card to your location.
Corporate Leagues

Are you and your coworkers ready to get out of the office and have some fun? We work with companies all over Kansas City to get their employees into our leagues for some fun team building outside the office. We also have industry-specific leagues where you play against other companies within your own industry.


Looking for a fun corporate event? How about some Sand Volleyball on the Riverfront! KC Crew has everything from a fun pickup game outing to game planning, or sit back and let KC Crew coordinate an entire volleyball tournament. From planning the tournament to creating a party, we can do it all!

Murder Mystery Party

KC Crew has everything from the death of a millionaire to a Disney themed Murder Mystery Party. Tell us how many people, which theme you’d like and let us do the rest. This party won’t disappoint!

Beer Olympics

Does your company like to party? Having a Bachelor/Bachelorette Party or a BBQ soon? Want to add some fun? Hire KC Crew to create your own Beer Olympics at your event. Pick the sports you want, tell us how many people and the date and we handle everything else!