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Upgrades! Welcome to the new website. What do you think?

Why all the changes?

Well, our website was built when I first started KC Crew back in 2012 but at that time I did not know KC Crew would grow into what it has become today. So over the years, I’ve just been adding features to the software to maintain the leagues and making little tweaks here and there on the website but the design was only meant to be functional. Now that KCCrew.com has almost 40,000 visits a month we figured it was time to upgrade the main website design so it was more user-friendly and mobile friendly so that all users (leagues, events, sponsors) could find what they were looking for easier.

New Software?

Earlier this year we launched our new league software, LeagueAlly, with the opening of KC Crew South and KC Crew Northland. After testing the new software with those new leagues we loved how easy it was to use and decided we should switch over our Downtown leagues to the new software as well. And here we are.

Where are the Downtown Leagues?

Currently, all the data from our old system, kc-crew.com, is being imported into our new system on LeagueAlly. Once that data has been completed we will start building all the schedules for the 2018 Summer leagues. From a player/participants perspective, everything is very similar to the old system with some minor upgrades here and there. With the software being so new, not everything will be perfect right away but we are constantly making upgrades and changes to make everyone’s experiences better.

Thank you so much for your patience as we upgrade and make changes. We know it’s a little inconvenient but the overall goal is to make everything easier for everyone.

Stay Awesome,
Luke Wade
Founder of Awesome