0.5k – The Underachiever’s Run

Saturday, April 18th | Lee’s Summit

    CALLING ALL UNDERACHIEVERS – trust us, you want to answer this call. This event is perfect for you!


    IT’S BACK and heading to Downtown Lee’s Summit!


    The 0.5k – The Underachiever’s Run… if you can even call it a run. This event takes you across 0.31 miles – 1,640 feet – 19,685 inches. It’s unlike any other run (and more like a walk to the next bar)!

    Pizza, Champagne and Donuts – Say What?!?

      The 0.5k – The Underachiever’s Run will start off with a pizza party at Konrad’s Kitchen & Tap House. There, you can carb load for the “big race” and “warm-up” before the “run”. At race time, you’ll be sent off with a “boom” to Llywelyn’s Pub.


      Don’t worry, we will keep you hydrated along the way with a water station. Fear you may need first aid? Don’t worry, we have that covered too. The kit may or may not contain only lollipops, but hey, it will be there!


      Upon finishing this clearly physically and mentally taxing 0.5k, you’ll celebrate crossing the finish line with – what else but champagne and donuts! Oh and some victory music.


      Are you looking for the Ultimate Underachiever option? You can upgrade to the Freaky-Fast Ultimate Underachiever ticket and get a little extra. Trust us, it will totally be worth it!

      Get Those Tickets!

        Before you ask… Here are the Answers to your Questions

          • What comes with GA registration?
            • Awesome race bib to prove you actually participated
            • 1 free slice of pizza to carb-load before the “run”
            • 1 free donut and glass of champagne to celebrate crossing the finish line!
            • A fanny pack to keep all of your belongings in
            • A finisher award – you know, for those bragging rights
            • A 0.5k Euro-style sticker that you can stick wherever you’d like to prove that you’re in the runners club
          • What about the VIP?
            • Everything listed above PLUS
              • 2 free sponsor beverages
              • Freaky-Fast VIP transportation to the finish line – gotta keep those legs fresh for the after-party!
              • A Jimmy John’s sandwich for the ride
              • A gold star – because why not!
          • Do I actually have to run?
            • Um, no… This is called the Underachiever’s Run, meaning don’t overdo it buddy.
          • How far is a 0.5k?
            • TL;DR the info above… it’s .31 miles -or- 1,640 feet. It’s basically around the block.
          • What time does the event start?
            • The “run” starts at 1pm, but feel free to join for the carb-loading (aka: pizza party) any time after 11:00 am.
            • Before you ask, the official party ends at 4:00 pm but feel free to stay as long as you’d like.
          • What do I wear?
            • You can wear whatever you’d like, but we recommend your best underachiever outfit.
          • Is there an age limit?
            • Yes, this is essentially a bar crawl so all participants must be 21 and older!
          • Can I bring my baby/toddler/child along with me?
            • Nope, sorry. This is for ADULTS (21+) only!

          In Case You Need Proof that it’s a great time

          Amazing Sponsors

          Jimmy John’s is the Freaky-Fast Ultimate Underachiever sponsor!

          All participants will receive specials on Smirnoff Cocktails!

          Achievers of all kinds (over AND under) need to treat themselver every now and then! What better way to do that than with a massage! Make sure you stop by and set up a post-run massage from Sacred Roots!

          Renewal by Andersen can help with all of your window needs! They can also help you warm up for the “run” so be sure to say hey!