Once Upon A Mystery

RESCHEDULED: Friday, March 6th | Hotel Phillips

    A Timeless Tale of Treachery and Treason in a Kingdom Far, Far Away.


    After the mysterious disappearance of Cinderella, Prince Charming is throwing a ball to find a new bride. Some of the Kingdom residents question how the prince could move on so quickly, while others are jumping at the chance to earn their spot as the new princess in the castle.


    As the evening escalates, a killing occurs in the palace… leaving you to write the final chapter.


    Will you point out the fairy godmother whose magic cannot give her the outcome she desires? The prince who has used his riches to alienate others? A devious dwarf who may know too much? Or perhaps a pouting princess who is plotting to win the heart of Prince Charming.

    In a kingdom where jealousy, betrayal and deception are common story lines, it will be up to you to find the felon so that everyone can live happily ever after.

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      The Grand Apartments

        Explore Club 1125 at The Grand as you move from room to room discovering details about the murder mystery. Play the digital sports simulator complete with 12 games including basketball, football and golf or relax on the couch in the theater vault. Get cozy in the resident lounge next to the two built-in fireplaces while you sip refreshments underneath our atrium.

        Frequently Asked Questions

          • What does my ticket include?
            • Your ticket includes the party, light hors-d’oeuvres and drinks for purchase. We will also be giving prizes to one lucky person who guesses the murderer correctly, the person with the most “money” at the end and the person with the best costume!
          • I’ve been to other murder mystery parties and I just watch, is this going to be the same way?
            • No way! This party is hands-on for all attendees. When you sign up you choose whether or not you’d like a small or large role (limited large roles available!). Each role has a chance to mingle with all other participants and try to figure out who committed the murder.
          • Does this come with dinner?
            • This party does not come with dinner, but we will have some light hors-d’oeuvres available.
          • Do I have to have any background in acting to participate?
            • Definitely not. Dressing your part and getting into the mindset of your character is encouraged, but not required.
          • Is this going to be a scary event?
            • Nope. This event is meant to be fun and will be a great time for all!
          • How should I dress for this event?
            • This mystery takes place in Fairy Tale Lans, so we suggest you wear your favorite red carpet outfit! We will be sending you your role a few weeks before the event and it will have a description of what your character should wear. 
          • Is there an age restriction for this event?
            • Yes, this event is 21+.


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