KC Crew Sports and Events


  • Shirts are now Optional. Go to www.kccrew.com/2024shirt to check out the design and colors
  • Shirts have to be purchased before June 3rd and will be sent to you before the first week. You will receive a tracking link when they are sent.
  • If you do not purchase a shirt, feel free to wear a similar color shirt as your team color.
  • Every sport has the opportunity to purchase shirts EXCEPT basketball because they need numbers for foul tracking.
    • Don’t worry ballers, pennies will be provided at your games.


Please double-check the schedule for your game times and field/court numbers before your game. The easiest way to find your schedules is to sign in, click your team name under the My Teams page, then click Schedule. Please Check to see if there is a off week due to venue events!


We understand stuff happens, and sometimes it isn’t possible to field your whole squad. If your team needs to forfeit please send an email to leagues@kccrew.com AT LEAST 6 HOURS IN ADVANCE so we can contact the other team and possibly find another team to play for you just for fun so the other team doesn’t miss a game.


A sub is someone who will not play more than 2 times this season for your team. If they play more than twice they need to be paid and on your roster. If your team will have a sub please have them sign this digital waiver in advance.


We will play 6 weeks of league play and then the last week will be the tournament for teams that qualify! View your league-specific details at the bottom of your schedule! NO GAMES JUNE 19TH AT HY-VEE. NO GAMES ON JULY 4TH.


If you do not get an email from us that means games are on! No need to reach out as we are monitoring the weather all day and will let you know if something changes. IF YOU DON’T HEAR FROM US, GAMES ARE ON.


We want your feedback On the schedule, in the weekly Sunday email, and on this webpage will be a button that says “Weekly Review” and you’ll have the option to tell us how everything went for you EACH WEEK! If you had issues let us know. If something awesome happened let us know. We take your feedback and do our best to implement changes right away. We also give out free Royals, Sporting, Current and Chiefs tickets just for leaving a review.