2019 KC Cornhole Series

Play Cornhole at the biggest events in Kansas City!

We are happy to present the KC Cornhole Series(KCCS). We partnered up with the biggest events in Kansas City to offer Cornhole tournaments at these existing awesome events. In addition to the Series Tournaments at KC’s biggest events, we will host several Prelim tournaments before or in between the Series tournaments at venues around Kansas City. All tournaments starting June will also track American Cornhole League points for all you ACL players out there!

You can either sign up for each KCCS tournament individually or if you win one of our Cornhole leagues or Prelim tournaments you win free entry to one of the KCCS tournaments. Thanks to our partner, 816 Cornhole, we will have top quality boards and bags at our leagues and tournaments to ensure amazing competition and fun. Below is a list of the events in which we will host large, fun competitive and recreational cornhole tournaments in 2019.

    Prelims and Series Tournaments

    Saturday, August 3rd - Hy-Vee Arena

    This is a Prelim Tournament

    The nation’s 1st multi-level sports complex! Join us at Hy-Vee Arena to keep cool during our August tournament!

    🏆Prizes awarded to the top team from each division!
    🏆 1st Place – $100, free entry to a KCCS Tourney of your choice, a free Doob3D Kansas City, and more!
    🏆 2nd Place – $50 and more!

    Saturday, Sept. 14th - American Royal

    This is a Series Tournament

    In one hand, the best ribs you’ve ever had. In the other, your trusty bag. Why wouldn’t you want to play cornhole in the middle of the World Series of BBQ? Get ready to get sauced!

    Sat., Oct. 5th - Grilled Cheese Festival

    This is a Series Tournament

    Are you ready for the cheesiest cornhole tournament on the planet? Prepare yourself by throwing Grilled Cheese sandwiches, or don’t. Either way this tournament will Brie Amazing! Get it?

    Winner of each division receive:

    • $30 in tokens to try every Grilled Cheese
    • 1 Free Team Entry to the next Series Tournament
    • More prizes TBA!

    Sunday, TBD - Chiefs Game

    This is a Series Tournament

    CHIEFS!!! Do you and your friends play cornhole at every tailgate? Now is your chance to prove you are the king of tailgate games at a Chiefs game! Prizes TBA


    This is the 2019 Series Grand Finale

    This is the 2019 KC Cornhole Series Grand Finale! Anyone who places in the top 4 at a Series event is automatically entered into this tournament. The prizes will be big! The stakes will be bigger and only 1 team will be named the Grand Champion!

    Completed Tournaments

    Thursday, July 4th – Series tournament

    Congrats to The Dirty Dutch (1st) and Amateur Cornstars (2nd) for winning the Competitive division!

    Saturday, June 15th – Series tournament

    Congrats to Side Cob (1st place) and Wieners Wieners (2nd Place) for winning the Recreational division and The Dirty Dutch (1st) and In Your Hole (2nd) for winning the Competitive division!

    Saturday, May 11th – Series tournament

    Congrats to Redemption Day (1st place) and Corn Hub (2nd Place) for winning the Recreational division and Who’s Next (1st) and Team America (2nd) for winning the Competitive division!

    Sunday, April 7th – Prelim tournament

    Congrats to Side Cob (1st place) and JuneBugs (2nd Place) for winning the Recreational division and Team America (1st) and In Your Hole (2nd) for winning the Competitive division!

    Saturday, February 9th – Prelim tournament

    Congrats to Team Dorman (1st place) and Friends with Benefits (2nd Place) for winning the Recreational division and Swoosh Bags (1st) and Zack & Luke Make A Cornhole (2nd) for winning the Competitive division!

    The forever coveted KC Cornhole Series Trophy

    In addittion to winning a trophy at each tournament, this Series trophy will have winners plaques added all year long and the winner of the final tournament in December will take this baby home!

    Fun, Friends & Cornhole

    Frequently Asked Questions

      • Where is the tournament held?
        • The tournaments will be held at the specific event locations. Exact details will be given closer to event dates.
      • What’s the difference between a Prelim and a Series tournament?
        • Prelim tournaments are in between the series tournaments to keep your game strong. If you win one of these tournaments you get free entry into one of the Series tournaments. You can also win free entry to a Prelim or Series tournament by winning one of our cornhole leagues.
        • Series tournaments are the BIG tournaments at the best events in KC. The prizes are bigger, the competition is tougher and the stakes are higher!
      • What’s included in the entry fee?
        • Included with the fee is at least 3 games and a chance to win the grand prize.
      • How does the tournament work?
        • Each team will play 3 pool play games, the top teams will make the tournament.
      • How many games are played during pool play? What about the tournament?
        • For pool play, each team will play 1 game to 21 points. All tournament games are played best 2 out of 3 games to 21 points.
      • What’s the difference between Rec and Competitive
        • Rec plays at a distance of 24 feet.
          • If you win a Rec league or tournament 2x you must move up to competitive for all future tournaments.
        • Competitive plays at a distance of 27 feet.
      • What are the rules?

      Partners and Sponsors

      A big thank you to Doob3D Kansas City for sponsoring the series by providing each winning team a 6-inch doob, a $235 value each. What is doob? You will get scanned and turned into a 3D printed replica of yourself. Thanks Doob!

      We recently joined the American Cornhole League as a member so our tournaments will track points for players in the ACL.

      Need new windows? Renewal by Anderson has you covered! Be sure to check them out at all of the cornhole tournaments. A big thank you for their sponsorship.

      A big thank you to 816 Cornhole, our official 2019 Cornhole partner. 816 Cornhole will be building and repairing our boards and providing us with the best bags in the industry to use for our leagues and tournaments.

      Want a custom set of boards with your brand’s information at our cornhole tournaments and leagues?