2019 Downtown Open

Saturday, June 29th – Downtown Kansas City

    The Downtown Open is back! Grab your friends & your glory as you ride the streetcar down Main St, chipping off Kansas City’s landmarks & putting inside bars for this one of a kind Urban Golf Tournament! While you’ll find many of the amenities you’ve come to expect from a typical golf course, this will be anything but. Teeing off from rooftops, pitching from sidewalks and putting on street corners. No golf carts necessary as every hole is a short walk from the KC Ride Streetcar stops.


    We are once again teaming up with local companies to design an Urban Golf Course that traverse some of our city’s greatest landmarks from the River Market, Kansas City, the Downtown Library, One Light Luxury Apartments, Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, and more!


    As the tournament winds down for the day, join us at The Clubhouse, otherwise known as Washington Square Park, where the jeers from the crowd, live music, and booze will be potentially distracting as you play one of the many fun games in the park.

    Frequently Asked Questions

      • How does this work?
        • When you sign up, you pick a route. Each route will consist of 3 holes and have a chip and a putt at each hole. Each stop will have 4 urban golfers going at the same time in order to keep lines to a minimum. Once you’re done golfing your 3 holes, head back to The Clubhouse (Washington Square Park) for prizes, music, games and more!
      • What You NEED:
        • Your ID
        • Your Awesome Outfit
        • Your Golf Skills
      • What You DON’T NEED:
        • DON’T NEED Your Own Clubs – Thanks, Callaway!
        • DON’T NEED Your Own Balls – giggity.
        • DON’T NEED A Printed Ticket – Save the Trees!
        • DON’T NEED Cash for the streetcar – IT’S FREE
      • I’m left-handed, will there be clubs for me?
        • Of course! (Thanks again Callaway!)
      • So, we’ll be chipping downtown – how do we not do any damage with the golf balls?
        • At the chip holes, we’ll be using practice balls made with “cross-linked foaming” that decompresses on impact, then re-forms. They’re heavier than a wiffle ball, but much lighter than a real golf ball but travel about one-third the distance of real golf balls. They’re much softer than real golf balls, making it safe for use in more locations.
      • I don’t want to participate in the event, but I still want to come – is that an option?
        • Yes, you can join the party! Washington Square Park will be open to the public. Come hang out, grab a drink and cheer on your favorite golfer.
      • Will there be an after party?
        • You know it! There will be an awesome after party at Washington Square Park starting at 5:00 pm with live music, food trucks and more prizes!
      • What are the routes?
        • Route 1 – River Market, P&L & Crossroads
        • Route 2 – Crossroads, Library & Kauffman
        • Route 3 – Kauffman, River Market & P&L
        • Route 4 – P&L, Crossroads & Library
        • Route 5 – Library, Kauffman & River Market

      Check Out Pictures from Past Years!


        Don’t miss out on group discount tickets! Purchase the group ticket option which includes 8-10 tickets, because pub crawls are way better with friends!

        Custom Chip and Putts

        Local Architect and Construction companies are custom building each chip and putt so that 4 golfers can go at once, saving time and making each experience unique.

          The Clubhouse

            Check-in begins at The Clubhouse (AKA Washington Square Park) at 11:00 am.


              • Hole 1 – River Market
                • Chip – City Market Park
                • Putt – Harry’s Country Club
              • Hole 2 – Library
                • Chip – Library Rooftop Garage
                • Putt – Kansas City Club
              • Hole 3 – Power & Light
                • Chip – One Light Rooftop
                • Putt – Hotel Phillips
              • Hole 4 – Kauffman Center
                • Chip – Kauffman Center Lawn
                • Putt – Taps on Main
              • Hole 5 – Crossroads
                • Chip – Washington Square Park
                • Putt – Mobank


                • JUST FOR CHECKING OUT
                  • You’ll be entered in to win a Classic Plus Membership from GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness! The Classic Plus Membership includes unlimited access to 19 GreatLIFE KC Courses (cart included) and 7 fitness centers PLUS full pool and social privileges! This membership values at $2,160!!
                • LONGEST DRIVE
                  • The Longest Drive will be at the Kansas City Club on the 4th floor.
                  • Winner gets a Callaway Epic Flash Fairway Wood
                    • $10 for 3 attempts
                    • Anyone can participate
                • Raffle Prizes
                  • Raffle tickets will be sold in Washington Square Park and you can put a ticket into the bucket for each prize you want to win. The more tickets the better your chances. Raffle drawings will be at 5:30 pm on stage. MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN!
                    • Free Golf for 4 from Orion Golf
                    • Royals Tickets from KC Crew
                    • Sporting Tickets from KC Crew
                    • Chiefs Tickets from KC Crew
                    • Free escape room from Escape House KC
                    • 4 Pack of Tickets to the KC Grilled Cheese Festival
                    • Free KC Crew Cornhole Team for Fall Leagues
                • Event Prizes
                  • Prizes will be awarded at Washington Square Park following the raffle prizes at 5:30 pm on the stage. MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN
                    • Best Overall Individual – 1 FREE Membership to Orion Golf courses, Downtown Open t-shirt, United Rentals chair and golf swag!
                    • Runner Up – 1 FREE Membership to Orion Golf courses and United Rentals golf swag
                    • Best Outfit – 1 FREE Doob, Downtown Open t-shirt
                    • Hole in One Putt – 1 FREE Lifestyle Plus membership to GreatLIFE Golf and Fitness
                    • Hole in One Chip – 1 FREE Lifestyle Plus membership to GreatLIFE Golf and Fitness

                Follow @KCCrewSports Instagram to see highlights from the event.


                  Get your 2019 Downtown Open shirt at the door for $20.


                    • 11:00 am – Check In & Warm-ups at The Clubhouse (aka Washington Square Park)
                      • All attendees must come here first to get scorecards before heading to the first stop.
                      • This will also be the only chance at practice shots with the limited fly golf balls.
                      • Parking is limited around Washington Square Park so patrons are encouraged to ride the streetcar to Washington Square Park.
                      • Washington Square Park is open to the public with games, music, food trucks & more!
                    • 12:45 pm – Teams depart Washington Square Park on the streetcar to their first stop.
                    • 1:00 pm – Downtown Open chipping and putting starts.
                    • 3:00 pm – Music by The Phantastics starts at The Clubhouse.
                    • 4:00 pm – Golfing ends, and the after party begins! Head back to The Clubhouse!
                      • At this time, you’ll have an opportunity to decrease your strokes by playing a game of Plinko!
                    • 5:00 pm – All golfers must be checked out by now!
                    • 5:30 pm – Raffle prizes and event winners announced on stage at The Clubhouse.
                    • 6:00pm – After party ends

                    After Party

                      Starting at 3pm at The Clubhouse (aka Washington Square Park) there will be a live band, food trucks, games and a chance to decrease your number of strokes! Check out between 4-5pm and you’re eligible! Event and raffle winners will be announced at 5:30 pm, you must be present to win.

                      Downtown Open Rules

                        1. Everyone will check in at Washington Square Park from 11am until 1pm. There will be an area to warm-up if you choose to do so.
                          1. NOTE: You will not be able to warm-up at the actual chip/putt locations.
                          2. When you check in you will be told to always start at a chip location or to always start at a putt location.
                            1. For example, if you are starting at Route 1 and are told putt then you will go to Harry’s first to putt then go to City Market Park to Chip. Then you will head to Hole 2 to the Kansas City Club to Putt then head to Library Rooftop garage to Chip and so on.
                        2. The Open will start at 1pm so make sure you are at your starting location by then. There will be a volunteer at every chip and putt stop that you will need to check in with once you arrive, and they will let you know when it will be your turn.
                        3. Follow the route on your map. We have suggested streetcar stops that you should use at each location for the quickest route. When you get off the streetcar at each suggested stop, follow the directions for the quickest route.
                        4. **DO NOT TAKE BALLS OR CLUBS FROM THE CHIPPING AND PUTTING LOCATIONS! The balls and clubs are to be used at the specific location only.


                          • Similar to Topgolf, you will get points based off where your ball lands. Just like regular golf, you are trying to have the lowest score by the end of the Open.
                          • Scores will be kept on your scorecard by and be done by the volunteers at each hole.
                          • Chipping:
                            • You will be allowed 3 chip shots to try and make it in the hole
                            • Each shot has an assigned score depending on where it lands
                            • The lowest point from all 3 shots will be recorded as your score for that location
                            • For Example: If you make it in the 2nd circle on your first shot, worth 3 points, but then make it in the hole on the next shot, you only take 1 point as your total score for the hole.
                            • Hole-in-1 = 1 point
                            • In 1st circle surrounding hole = 2 points
                            • In 2nd circle surrounding hole = 3 points
                            • Anywhere outside of target area = 4 points
                          • Putting:
                            • The idea is to putt the ball into the hole
                            • If that takes you one putt, you get 1 point
                            • If it takes you 2 putts, you get 2 points
                            • If it takes you 3 putts, you get 3 points
                            • If you don’t make it in on the 3rd try, you get 4 points.

                          Event Partner

                            A big thank you to Kansas City Missouri Parks and Recreation for partnering on this event and for hosting The Clubhouse at Washington Square Park!


                            A big thank you to Boulevard for sponsoring. Their new Easy Sport will be run on special at all participating locations!

                            A big thank you to Boulevard for sponsoring. Their new Fling Margarita’s will be available for purchase at all pop-up bars!

                            A big thank you to Jameson Irish Whiskey. They will be run on special at all participating locations.

                            A big thank you to Absolut Vodka. They will be run on special at all participating locations.

                            A big thank you to United Rentals for being our equipment partner and providing our generator for the band, portapotties and more!

                            A big thank you to Callaway for donating all of the clubs and balls used during the event!

                            A big thank you to Orion Management Solutions for providing prizes for winners!

                            A big thank you to GreatLIFE Golf & Fitness for being a hole sponsor! Whether you want to play golf, train on the circuit at one of our fitness centers, or take the family for a swim, there’s a GreatLIFE membership that meets your needs and suits your lifestyle.

                            The Kansas City Club will be hosting the Longest Drive in their brand new golf simulators! Golfers will have a chance to compete in this for a shot to win an Epic Flash Fairway Wood from Callaway!

                            A big thank you to Mobank for being a hole sponsor! Ask them about their competitive banking services, credit solutions, financial planning and investment services!

                            Lula is the One Stop Solution for All of Your Home Maintenance Needs. They also know how to have fun so be sure you say hey and let them know of your home maintenance needs.

                            Benefitting Charities

                            A portion of the proceeds from the Downtown Open will go to the following charities. A big thank you to all of them for providing volunteers for this event and for all of the work they do within the community!

                            Uncover KC strives to connect compassionate individuals and groups of volunteers with local organizations in need of them. With their help, all chip and putt holes will be staffed with volunteers!

                            Heart to Heart International strengthens communities through improving health access, providing humanitarian development and administering crisis relief worldwide. They engage volunteers, collaborate with partners and deploy resources to achieve this mission.

                            Operation Breakthrough provides a safe, loving and educational environment for children in poverty and empowers their families through advocacy, emergency aid and education.


                            Stop by and say hey to Topgolf. They will be set up at The Clubhouse during the event!

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