QB54 – The best and only football tailgate game

Throw for Completions and Touchdowns. Kick an extra point or snag an Interception! QB54 is perfect for tailgating, the beach, camping and your backyard. When you’re done beating your opponent, simply sit back in the chair and relish your victory!

How to Play

See It In Action

Tournament – Saturday, December 7th

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Frequently Asked Questions

    • How many people are on a team?
      • Teams can have 3 to 5 people on them.
      • If a team has 5 players, not all 5 have to play each game unless you choose to do so. If you decide to play with less than 5, the players must remain the same throughout the entire game.
    • What is included with my entry?
      • All teams are guaranteed 3 pool play/round robin games. The top teams from pool play/round robin will make the tournament.
    • Do I have to know how to play football to play this game?
      • Nope! All you have to know how to do is throw and catch! No football experience required!
    • Can I bring my own football and play with that?
      • Nope, sorry. All teams will play with the QB54 ball.
    • What are the rules for the tournament?
    • If I like this game, is there a way I can purchase it?

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