Holiday League Info

Check out all of the details for the Holiday league season below!

Most Asked Questions
  • What time do we play? When do games start?
    • We have schedules online for the entire season so you always know when, where and who you play. Find by signing in, clicking team name then Schedules
  • Where is my shirt?
    • All shirts are mailed to you. If you signed up before October 6th you’ll get before your first game, if not you will get by week 3 or 4
  • What happens if it rains, storms or snowmagedons?
    • We are always monitoring the weather. There is no need to email or call us. We always send an email if games are cancelled so if you don’t get an email, games are on!
  • How do we notify you of a forfeit?
    • Email us!! Please try to give at least 6 hours notice so we can try to find another team to play for fun
  • How do I find subs? Do subs have to pay?
    • The best way to find subs is to join our Facebook groups!
    • If someone is playing more than twice, they need to be paid and on your roster
General League Details


If you paid by October 6th your shirt was shipped straight to you and you should have it by week 1 games. If you paid after October 6th your shirt will arrive by week 4 and will be shipped to your house.


We understand stuff happens, and sometimes it isn’t possible to field your whole squad. If your team needs to forfeit please send an email to or AT LEAST 6 HOURS IN ADVANCE so we can contact the other team and possibly find another team to play for you just for fun so the other team doesn’t miss a game.


We are constantly monitoring the weather and we always email if we cancel games or make changes so IF YOU DON’T HEAR FROM US, GAMES ARE ON.

Championship Week is December 8th – 14th

Championship week for Pickleball, Basketball, Indoor Volleyball, and all South Leagues will be the week of December 8th! We will play 5 weeks of league play and then the last week will be the championship for teams that qualify!

Weekly Reviews

We want your feedback We want your feedback. On the schedule, in the weekly Sunday email, and on this webpage will be a button that says “Weekly Review” and you’ll have the option to tell us how everything went for you EACH WEEK! If you had issues let us know. If something awesome happened let us know. We take your feedback and do our best to implement changes right away. We also give out free Royals, Sporting and Chiefs tickets just for leaving a review.

Downtown League Details

End of Season Tournament is October 19th

The end of season tournament will be held Saturday, October 19th for all Sand Volleyball, Softball, Kickball, and Cornhole teams that qualify.

Hy-Vee Arena Info

If you are playing at Hy-Vee Arena please know that court numbers are subject to change based on Arena policy so when you check in at the front entrance (you must check in) they will tell you what court number you are on for that night. Click the button below to view the Hy-Vee Arena parking and driving map.

South League Details
Find Subs

Are you looking for subs, tournaments or teams to join? Our Facebook groups have hundreds of locals looking to play and meet you plus it’s a great way to find out about tournaments around the metro.

League Photos

Our photographers are amazing! They come out to every league and get pictures of you and friends playing the sports you love. We post all these pictures for free on our Facebook page.


Have fun and Make money

Do you love people? We couldn’t do what we do without amazing umpires, refs, monitors, and staff. We are growing and always need more part-time people to help us with our leagues and events.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a league? Why do we charge per player? What’s a free agent? A sub? How do those work? Do we have to buy a shirt every time? How do rainouts and forfeits work? Get your answers NOW!



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