2019 Red, White & Crew

Sand Volleyball & Tailgate Game Tournament – Saturday, July 13th

    Join KC Crew for a Sand Volleyball and Tailgate Game Tournament on Saturday, July 13th and celebrate America!

    Fun, Friends and America!

    Frequently Asked Questions

      • Where is the tournament at?
        • This tournament will be at the sand volleyball courts at Berkley Riverfront Park.
      • How does the tournament work?
        • Sand Volleyball – Each team will play at least 3 pool play games and all teams will make the tournament.
        • Tailgate – Each team will play all events. The top teams will make the tournament.
      • How many games are played during pool play? What about the tournament?
        • Volleyball – For pool play, each team will play 2 games to 15 points. All tournament matches before the championship are played best 2 out of 3 games to 15 points. The championship match will be best 2 out of 3 games to 21 points. All games are played with rally scoring.
        • Tailgate – There will be 5 different games during the tournament.
      • What games will be played for the tailgate tournament?
      • Where can I find the rules?