2018 Fall BASEketball

Saturday, November 3rd – Chicken N Pickle

    A big thank you to everyone who joined us at the 4th Biannual BASEketball Tournament on Saturday, November 3rd, 2018! We had a great time and we were lucky enough to have Dian Bachar (aka Squeak) out to the tournament this year.

    Frequently Asked Questions

      • How many people do I need on my team?
        • There are 4 people on a team.
      • What happens if our team uses all the shooting squares in one inning?
        • The Home Run and bunt spots are always open for shooting from.
        • If all other squares are used, you must take your chances from these 2 spots.
      • Are we allowed to touch the shooter during our psyche-out attempt?
        • No, any physical contact with the shooter from either the opponent or the prop will result in a made basket.
      • How many psyche-out attempts does our team get per inning?
        • The team on defense is allowed unlimited psyche-out attempts per inning. However, during the psyche-out attempts, the defender must remain on the shooting square in front of the offensive player’s square.
        • Any psyche-out attempts that carry the defender off the defensive square will count as a made basket.
      • What’s the defensive line and what does it do?
        • The defensive line is the line that the defenders can NOT cross until the ball has touched the rim. Once the ball has touched the rim, the basket defender is allowed to try and tip the ball in for a double play. The basket defender is given ONE chance to successfully complete the double play.
        • The psyche-out defender is NOT allowed to play inside the defensive zone at any time or the violation will result in a made basket.
      • What’s an Offensive Conversion?
        • This is when the basket defender misses a double play opportunity and the shooter tips the ball into the basket while the ball is still in the air. When this happens, the shooter is awarded his/her original shot with no penalty.
      • What are the rules?
        • Watch the movie! Just kidding you can view the rules by clicking here.
      • Is there an after party?
        • Is ThErE aN aFtEr PaRtY… ha! You bet there is! The after party will be at Chicken N Pickle!

      2018 Fall Sponsors

      A big thank you to Absolut Vodka for the sponsorship. They will be run on special during the event!