Par 3 One Club Challenge

Saturday, April 24th | Heart of America Golf Course

    Calling all golf foursomes who are up for a challenge, this tournament is for you! Teams of 4 golfers will use 4 clubs to compete in this scramble Par 3 course tournament. The tournament will be held at HOA Golf Course on the Par 3 Rock Course. This event is open to golfers of all types!


    What is the challenge you ask? Each team can only use 4 clubs throughout the 9 holes and each club can only be used once per hole!

    Frequently Asked Questions

      • What all is included?
        • 9 holes of golf, happy hour including drinks from 4 Hands Brewery, 1220 Spirits and food from Jimmy John’s, closest to the pin contest and a chance to win prizes!
      • How does this work?
        • Team captains will sign up their team and provide all player’s names and the 4 clubs that you will be using. (NOTE: A putter must be one of the 4).
        • Team captains will choose a tee time and all golfers must be present to start at that time.
        • All teams will be walking unless they choose to purchase a cart, pending availability.
        • This tournament will be a scramble meaning that all 4 players will play each shot and then you will play the best ball.
        • All putts must be played, no gimmes.
        • No Mulligans!
        • Bogey is your friend – meaning if you miss par, you automatically get 4.
        • There will be one hole that hosts closest to the pin and the person who is closest will win a prize!
        • The team with the lowest score at the end will win!
      • Can each player bring 4 clubs each or just the whole team?
        • Good question! Each team will need to decide on which 4 clubs the entire team will use. To make it easy, you can have each of your teammates choose one club and only bring that one per person.
      • Okay, so we have 4 clubs, can we use the same one more than once on each hole?
        • No! You can only use each club ONE TIME per hole. Choose wisely!
      • What if I’m new to golf and don’t know what clubs to use?
        • No worries, we all start somewhere! We recommend a 7-iron, 9-iron, a wedge and a putter.

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      All golfers will get to enjoy bites from Jimmy John’s!

      All golfers will get to enjoy beer from 4 Hands Brewing Co.!

      All golfers will get to enjoy canned cocktails from 1220 Spirits!

      Thank you to one of our hold sponsors!