About Us

KC Crew is a cutting edge adult sports league and special events company started in 2012 designed for people that are awesome, by people that are awesome. KC Crew’s goals are simple; bring awesome sports and unique events to Kansas City, support local businesses and connect people through fun times. In KC Crew, you will find a social community of people-oriented around a single goal: To connect fun-loving, social individuals through entertaining sports and events.


KC Crew offers fun for everyone while treating you like family. Have the freedom to be yourself, find a league or event that suits you best, meet others and explore the greatness of Kansas City community all around you.

Our Awesome Sauce

You know them. You love them. So do we. Our Awesome Sauce is all about our staff. Most of our staff started with playing in or umpiring our leagues and loved what we do so much, we hired them.


Founder of Awesome
started KC Crew January, 2012

Luke decided after working as a software and website programmer for several years after college to put nerdiness aside and meet some friends playing some sports. After deciding he was sick of driving to the burbs for said sports, KC Crew was born downtown. Luke loves sand volleyball, pickleball, golf, snowboarding, movies, traveling and eating.


Event Expert
started May 2nd, 2016

Katy, NOT KATHY, has been playing the leagues since the very beginning. After getting tired of her XRay job and knowing that she could help make our events better, Katy became our Events Expert.


League Director
started January 2nd, 2018

Brian has been living and breathing leagues his entire life. Most recently Brian was managing all of Overland Parks adult leagues before facilitating an awesome partnership and coming to KC Crew full time.



One of our newer members of the KC Crew Family. After spending the last couple of seasons in the NFL, Zach decided to get back involved with Recreational Sports and Events, where his love for working in sports began! He is a bit of a Jack-of-all-trades, helping build several facets of the KC Crew Business. He enjoys playing all different kinds of sports, running an unnecessary amount of miles, and eating plenty of food to refuel and do it all over again.


Check out our blog to see the story of how KC Crew started, what’s happened since and what’s to come.

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