Bar Hunt

Saturday, December 8th at… Wouldn’t You Like To Know

    The Bar Hunt is BACK! Are you looking to explore some of KC’s bars in a different, more fun way? Look no further.


    You and 3 friends will compete against other teams in this scavenger hunt inspired pub crawl. Teams will receive a series of tasks and clues to complete that will eventually lead you to the next bar/location on your designated route.

    Frequently Asked Questions

      • How does the event work?
        • Assemble your team of 4 and show up to the start bar on the day of the event. From there, you will be given tasks or clues to complete and once you complete them, you will receive a clue about the next bar. Once you correctly guess the next bar, you’re free to head there.
      • What are the participating bars?
        • Well, we can’t tell you that because that defeats the purpose of this event.
      • How do I know where to go on the day of the event?
        • We will send you an email the day before the event letting you know what the start bar is.
      • What if my team is really bad at guessing the bars, will we be stuck at the first location the whole time?
        • No, we wouldn’t do that to you. After an hour of being at each bar, we will let you know the next bar so you can head there.
      • Will I have to drive from bar to bar?
        • No, we’re not trying to break the laws. All of the participating bars are within safe traveling distance of each other.


      A big thank you to Absolut for sponsoring this year’s Bar Hunt! All guests will get to enjoy specials on Absolut cocktails!